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Adding outdoor wiring from crawlspace

I think I've got a slightly unusual question here. Trying to do the job as inexpensively as possible, while still maintaining adherence to code and making sure it's all safe (I've been zapped before!).

There's UF cable already run from the fuse box into the crawlspace. The guy that did it was a g.c., and didn't follow code, because it just goes out the foundation vent (the plastic job with wire mesh). I'm gonna fix that. I can staple the UF cable to the floor beams (don't have joists on this house...real 4x8 beams, 4' apart) with backing board, etc. This is (I believe) the no-brainer part of the job.

The question marks start appearing in my brain when I think about getting outside. My house has 1.5" thick (actual) planks sitting right on the sill plate, so, just drilling a hole in the siding and putting a LB would be difficult (at best). At this point, I'm thinking of going under the foundation & footing. Have to route water pipes outside along with electricity. Water requires going 2' deep, and easiest way is under the foundation (this from a licensed plumber). So, I gotta dig a 2' trench no matter what.

Question: can I route the UF cable down a sweep and into Sch80 conduit, running it under the foundation? Once I get about 10' outside (still using 3/4" conduit), I'd run it to a box with a GFCI receptacle. From there, I'd run THWN to the rest of the receptacles (total of three). Conduit goes everywhere so's I can draw more wire later if I need/want to.

All my searches say the NEC is silent on separation between water pipe and conduit. So, I figure water at 2' deep, conduit at 18" and I'm good to go (120V, 20A circuit). Hoping I don't need a GFCI breaker.

Aside (since I've read about 200 posts on this forum): Yes, my idea here is probably overkill. I'm designing with future expansion in mind here, hence the reason for 3/4" conduit going everywhere. I just want to dig the trench once, run whatever conduit will handle future expansion. It'll cost 10% more, and save tons later.


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Without GFCI protection on the wire, 18" is the minimum depth. 12" if the wire is GFCI protected. The receptacles MUST be GFCI protected. The NEC says nothing about seperation from water pipes. Sounds like you have things under control.


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Originally Posted by MusicMan_234 View Post
I just want to dig the trench once, run whatever conduit will handle future expansion. It'll cost 10% more, and save tons later.
just be sure to run a few lengths of rope/pull wire so you can easily get more wires in there someday, instead of pulling out the snake...
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