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rubberhead 03-14-2011 08:50 AM

Adding a light switch.
I have added a door to a room and want to add a light switch by the door. I have run the wire and purchased two three way switches... I just can't figure out how to actually install them. :whistling2: All of the videos and info that I have found are based on new wiring. I have a light switch that is wired to an exsisting light. Is it possible to add an extra switch? or do I need to have the power running through both switches before it gets to the light? Thanks everyone.:thumbsup:

Saturday Cowboy 03-14-2011 10:37 AM

you should be able to do this. I am assuming that you ran 3 wire between the two switches if not stop everything, else... I am guessing a little bit here but one switch box aught to have 2 cables the new 3wire and the old one to the light. in this box the white wire(if they did it right and its suspose to be marked) should be our hot form the light to the original switch, this hot will need to be sent to the new switch via the white wire (and marked) at the new switch this white wire will be landed on the black screw, and the other two wires (black and red) landed on the other two. back in the old switch box the 2 returning wires(black and red) will land on the 2 brass colored screws, and the black wire returning to the light landed onto the black screw.

If your original wiring is different than i have guessed please post a description of what u have

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