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john8791 02-09-2011 09:53 AM

Adding Circuits to attached garage
My 2 car garage is attached with no living space above. House was built in 1997. The situation is there is only 1 outlet in the garage except for the ceiling outlet for the garage door opening. I would like to run a new 20A circuit using EMT conduit from my service panel in the basement into the garage. I then want to run the conduit up to the ceiling where I would put an outlet for a fluorescent light I will suspend from ceiling and then down the other wall where my workbench is and put in a few duplex outlets. All this will be surface mounted.

My main question is how to transition through the wall from basement to garage. The garage is drywalled but was never painted. I would bring the conduit in just over the concrete basement wall to enter the garage. Do I need to be concerned about using a firebreak since it would be coming from the basement? Also, should I use an LB to transition the EMT upward from the point of penetration or some other method?

I would like to have a good plan before I approach the inspector for a permit and would appreciate any advice.

iminaquagmire 02-10-2011 01:55 AM

You need to seal around the EMT for fire spread more for the sake of it being in the garage than coming from the basement. You can use fire caulk or a fireblock foam.

You can use a conduit body to transition or enter into a box and then transition from that. As long as you have no more than 360 degrees of bends between pull points you'll be okay.

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