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dcoz 01-09-2006 12:01 AM

Add subpanel or upgrade main panel
I have a 100 amp 12 circuit main panel located in the garage, all circuits are full. I would like to able to add some circuits to the garage for woodworking tools, and perhaps a few more in the house. I see at least two options here: add a subpanel or replace the main panel (and probably the service to 200 amps). I would appreciate any ideas or opinions on this. This is not an urgent project so I want to consider all alternatives.

I should also note that I may also refinish the garage and could have the garage walls down to the studs, which may allow some additional flexibility.

thanks for any responses

BillK 01-12-2006 09:24 AM

Well looks like you have 5 options.
1. Add sub panel
2. Replace main panel with a 200A Main $$$$$
3. See if your Panel will allow Tandem breakers, If so you can free up many spaces.

4.This depends on where you are. Ask local inspectors. You can put 2 hot wires on many single pole breakers. Make sure the breaker has 2 separate ports for the wires and add up your load to make sure you will not be tripping the breaker all of the time

5. Run a generator. Sorry had to add that one

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