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John 02-08-2004 08:24 PM

activate other lights when motion light activates
Hey guys, need some possible solutions to this situation. I have a motion activated lantern that is switched from inside. I'm adding a row of potlights into my soffit and would like to tie them to this lantern so that when the latern turns on my pot lights will too. any ideas?


Speedy Petey 02-08-2004 09:26 PM

I have an idea. Don't do it. The motion detectors built into those wall lights cannot handle the extra load of more lights.
You can get a separate motion detector to control all the lights but this gets involved. What is your level of wiring ability?

Have you considered an in wall timer to replace the switch?

Teetorbilt 02-09-2004 08:23 PM

Like Speedy said, don't do it. It won't handle the amps.
What you can do is attach the detector to a relay that can handle it but also make sure that the wiring to the relay can handle the load as well. You may want to add a new breaker and run for the exterior lights. It all depends on amps and distance. If in doubt, call in an electrician. It's cheaper than a house fire!

Speedy Petey 02-10-2004 07:53 PM

You really don't need a relay. The RAB Stealth has a 1000 watt rating, but they're more expennnnnsive{said with a whiny tone}. :rolleyes:
If something is $15 at the mega store something similar at a supply house that is $60 must be a ripoff. :rolleyes: No way it could be a much better unit, nah.

John, this is in no way directed toward you. I am just venting. :p

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