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600 deg thermostat

im in need of some help,

im doing a custom project , i need a digital temperature control that willbe able to control up to 600 degs , it will be used with 220v , im not sure what i need as far as thermocuple and contacts ... anyone have any exsperience with this type of stuff ? email me at tkemblejr@comcast.net thanks


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as far as thermocouples go, I'd start at http://www.omega.com/techref/themointro.html

That's where I bought them from in the past.


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You will typically need two components:

1. Temperature controller.

2. Power Contactor (to handle the load).

Possible vendors for the temperature controller include Omega as mentioned by space_coyote and:
among others.

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For a less expensive solution check out http://www.coleparmer.com/. Omega is one of the most expensive, in my experience. Your temperature controller cost will increase with the precision required. If a few degrees either way is okay...go for the cheapest you can get...but, as mentioned, you should have a relay or contactor to switch the heating load...because it's cheaper to replace a relay than a controller...and the contacts WILL wear out. For really precise control of higher loads, the relay should be solid state.
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keep this going a bit

Ironically I am in the same boat, and have started down the same path by chance. I have to control several metal solution tanks, at various temps between 140F-195F. I almost always learn something new when finding related "whats-its" on ebay. In this particular case what began to form from head scratching, and ebay searching, wound me down the same path these other guys are suggesting. VERY cool stuff.
Here's where it got interesting, TRUE those items are expensive new, but they can be found new on ebay for pennies on the dollar... i.e., Omega controllers for $12(NOS), NEW PID full featured programable types with SSR outputs and near universal thermocouple compatibily. I am in the midst of a crash course on the subject, but from what I can tell you can save BIG money this way.

Example, a 12" x 3/4" dia 1000W 240V 1 ph cartridge heater; normal price $130 (minimum)... ebay, $18 delivered. Plus;
Type K or J thermocouple w/ teflon leads (at 600F you might need glass/glass leads w/ SS braided sheath)and compression fittings, all stainless, made to order by ebay vendor), $18 delivered...plus;
SSR, $5 + $5 shipping...$10
Digital temp controller w/ free "K" Thermocouple $45 delivered (max)

So for less than $95 (depending on what you are heating, predicated by a good set of plans and homework) you can start to custom fabricate a state of the art temperature controller that is capable of multi mode, fast switch, algorithm based, any combination... etc temperature control. It sounds scary, and YES it was over my head a month ago, but with persistence you would be amazed. You can build a system that would cost potentially thousands ready-made, and best of all YOU design, repair, maintain, and tweak it to YOUR needs, rather than visa-versa. And repair parts are always available, as well as PDF files from the manufacturers specifying lead gauges, input voltages from thermocouples, resistance values for port selection on the controllers t/c inputs. Etc.

I am excited to try these things out, if for no other reason than to once again conquer the myth that most technology is too expensive, or difficult to fathom.
It is obvious to me that after proper component selection, and careful bargain hunting, the rest is only slightly harder than programming a VCR, and building a bike from scratch. I hope you stay with it, as I will be hoping some of the advice you get from the vet's will help me too.

Happy heating.
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Originally Posted by camaroboy8691 View Post
im in need of some help,

im doing a custom project , i need a digital temperature control that willbe able to control up to 600 degs , it will be used with 220v , im not sure what i need as far as thermocuple and contacts ... anyone have any exsperience with this type of stuff ? email me at tkemblejr@comcast.net thanks
i,m alway into projects. etc. i learned to copy other appliances that may use similar .. what about an oven ..household cooker do any model have digital control ..get a workshop manual .. the digital part should be easy 600degree thermostat say a kiln.. switching ... programming .. preprogrammed is whats needed ..sorry am type doodling . am a electrical/electronic engineer power showers /plasma installation / 600 degs c. or frt. i also work with water temperture control valves and high pressure pumps .. but you have not mentioned what you want to heat up air /water / ? regards mike .. general circuitry in a microwave might help any local dump may give you some / selinoid switches can activate heavier switching like 12volt can switch on 240volt and so on. if i new what was what it may be simple.. will email you if anything comes to mind ...


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