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alabamaa 05-31-2005 08:44 PM

6/4 wire ?
Can someone help me? I am building a bathroom with hot water tank, washer and dryer inside. I was told by an electrician that I need 6/4 wire to run to my fuse box that is being used in the bathroom

Home Depot only goes up to 6/3 wire and could offer no suggestions. I have tried to locate the 6/4 wire on the internet with no success. I am beginning to think there is no such thing and even if there is - it is not common. I am sure I need something common - don't I?

The wiring on all the appliances are either three or 4 wires (including ground). I looked the 6/3 and it has 3 wires and a ground wire - why is that not good? Is there a reason anyone can think of that I must use a 6/4 which appears to be extremely hard to locate if at all?



jbfan 06-01-2005 06:11 AM

1 You can not put a fuse box or panel inside a bathroom.
2 I have never seen 6/4. I think you may need a new electrician!
3 6/3 with a ground is all that would be required to run a subpanel.

Speedy Petey 06-01-2005 06:14 AM

IMO if this guy told you to get 6/4, knowing that it will feed a panel in a bathroom, he is NO electrician!

The correct term is 6/3. Actually 6/3NM w/ground. Not 6/4. 6/4 would be referring to heavy rubber cord not normally associated with residential work.
Also a panel in a bathroom is a major code violation.

I wonder why a sub-panel? Is this absolutely necessary? How far is the new laundry/bath from the main service? Is the main panel full?

If you do go the sub-panel route, putting it outside the bathroom, then 6/3 is a fine choice to feed it with. Use a double pole 50 amp breaker in the main panel.

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