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jamiedolan 08-18-2010 03:07 PM

4 way dimmer
Does anyone make 4 way dimmer switches? I've not had any luck finding any 4 way dimmer setups.

I've seen some things call multi-location dimming controls, but am having trouble telling if they are some type of remote or what. They don't seem to be a regular 4 way from what I can tell.

Doesn't anyone make some type of digital dimmer switch setup that allows you to adjust the dimmer from 2 or more locations? I've never used dimmers from more than 1 location before. If there was a dimmer control on each physical switch, can't the switching work in the standard method that a 3/4-way setup works, with the dimmer on each switch controlling the load when that switch is active?

I can use a regular 4 way in the mix if I have to. This is for my kitchen and I have 3 entrances to the kitchen, I was thinking that I would like to have access to the dimmer at all 3 doors.

A 600 watt dimmer should be fine, as the largest load should be 6 cans with 50W halogen spots in it. No low voltage, All 120v.



Magnettica 08-18-2010 03:21 PM

They don't make 4-way dimmers so you'll have to use a 3-way dimmer at the 3-way switch location.

The 600 watt dimmer will work fine.

Jim Port 08-18-2010 04:46 PM

I don't know who makes them but I understand you can buy special dimmers that can dim from multiple locations.

In a regular setup if one dimmer was set to 50%, that is the max that the other dimmer would see at full brightness.

Superrick 08-18-2010 04:57 PM

Lutron makes their Maestro line of electronic dimmers that are compatable with 3 and 4 way wiring and can dim from up to ten locations. We have installed these with good success. The only downfall (as with anything electronic) seems to be supply voltages (surges and dips). We have had to replace some after storms and would recommend good surge protection at the service.

goose134 08-18-2010 06:41 PM

+1 on Maestro. Nice product but a bit touchy as has been mentioned. Make sure you have one master dimmer. The rest are slaves. Won't work with all slaves.

Speedy Petey 08-18-2010 06:59 PM

All the bigger names in dimmers (Lutron, Leviton, Lightolier) make "smart dimmers" that CAN be used in 4-way applications, but must also be used in all other locations as well. You cannot just use one at a 4-way switch.
As has been stated, all switch locations are dimmable then.

Superrick 08-19-2010 10:38 AM

Both Home Depot and Lowes carry the Maestro dimmers. With three locations you will need two 3-way and one multi location (4-way) units. As good practice we do not install these without surge protection at the service (or a signed waiver from the customer that we are not responsible for dimmer failure without the recommended protection). Hope this helps, good luck with your project!

jamiedolan 08-24-2010 12:45 AM

Thank you everyone for the info.

I got a bit delayed, had to finish the walls and that took about a week longer than expected.

I should be able to start the electrical this week. :)



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