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thedarkglove 02-15-2010 02:08 PM

4 switches, 2 lights, 2 circuits and an idiot.
Ooops. :eek:

I was replacing some old light switches for new and I got called away whilst in the middle of rewiring a double switch. Now I don't know where they went.... idiot.

Hope someone can help me...

Hope the picture helps here... I have two lights that are controlled by 4 switches. Two singles, one for each light.... and a double, again one for each light.

I have not touched the two singles so they are still wired up how they were... The thing that is confusing me I think is that the light upstairs is on the upstairs circuit and the light downstairs is on the downstairs circuit, but they are all connected to each other.... ?

The coloured dots I have put on the image are the same as the wires.

The double switches connections are labelled L1 L2 Com (x 2)

Please help!

If this is just gibberish but you think you can help please ask me for what you need to know!

Thanks for your time,


joed 02-15-2010 03:22 PM

I don't understand your drawing. Add some lines indicating cables. Show all the connections(except ground) in the switch boxes where no changes have been made. Identify the common screw. It will be the black one or marked COMMON.

thedarkglove 02-15-2010 05:23 PM

Thanks for getting back.

Does this help?

The coloured dots are the wires... and are the colour of the wires...

joed 02-15-2010 08:37 PM

No help to me. A three way has three terminals. The single switch has 5 wires. How are they interconnected? Which ones are in the same cable? Which ones are actually attached to the switch? How many actual cables are in the switch box.

I suspect you could this setup repeated for each switch pair. Switch2 being the ones you need to connect.

AllanJ 02-15-2010 10:14 PM

Can you measure continuity (using an ohmmeter or multimeter)?

You need to find out which one of the wires in the double box matches up with L1 in the upstairs single box, with L2 in the upstairs single box, etc.

I would anticipate that each wire in the double box has at most one match either upstairs or downstairs and some wires might not have any matches.

Please report the results.

A long single conductor wire that can be stretched upstairs or downstairs can come in handy when trying to do continuity tests.

Turn off the power before doing continuity tests.

thedarkglove 02-20-2010 10:16 AM

Thanks AllenJ,

That is what I did and it became obvious where they needed to go. I had two of the same coloured wires mixed up.

Cheers all.

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