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rjniles 09-09-2007 01:54 PM

3 wire connection for new kitchen stove
I am changing out a drop-in kitchen range in a condo built in the early 1970's. Range is hard wired with a servive enterance cable type cable with 2 # 6 conductors and a twisted braid groud around the 2 conductors. This is wired to a 50 amp dual pole breaker with the braid connected to a common neutral ground buss. I realize that new installs require a 4 wire plug and receptacle but replacing this cable would be a bear. Can I install a 50 amp 3 wire receptacle on the cabe and a 3 wire pig tail on the stove and tie the neutral and the ground at the stove?

lbwireman 09-09-2007 06:07 PM

Short Answer: NO. In the event a fault should occur, an electrocuted family member or friend is also a "bear". See NEC 2005 Art. 250.24(A)(5) and Art. 250.142(B), unless the installation meets the requirements of Art. 250.142(B) Exception No. 1/Art 250.140. Note the use of the word "existing" and the references to other code articles. My advice to my guys has always been "err on the side of caution".:no:

sluggermike 09-09-2007 11:02 PM

Maybe it would be helpful if you could attach the codes you are referring to, or post the links so we all can learn. Thanks

lbwireman 09-11-2007 01:07 AM

Nec 2005
Available from NFPA. I gave you the citations, surely you can find a code book???? Try this

Select the entire URL (use yur R click button to "copy link address"), then put your cursor in the URL window of your browser, ctrl V, Enter. Do your homework. Enjoy. :wink:

Norcal 09-13-2007 12:59 AM

While I am not a fan of 3 wire supplies, see art. 250.140 2002 NEC,it is permitted in EXISTING installations to use a 3 wire supply. A feed with seperate grounded and grounding conductors is still the prefered method. If you make any changes such as moving locations of a receptacle,box then you would IMO, have to upgrade.

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