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jmgrain 10-12-2008 02:15 AM

3 way wiring
Hi, I want to wire my hall and landing lights so that both lights can be switched from either upstairs or downstairs, can someone give me an easy to understand diagram.
Regards John

TazinCR 10-12-2008 08:19 AM

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The wiring is the easy part as you can see from the diagram. The hard part is running the red wire known as the "traveler" from switch to switch. Good luck

InPhase277 10-12-2008 09:11 AM

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There are several methods for 3way wiring, depending on what components are where.

SD515 10-12-2008 11:36 AM

Instructions to go with the above posted diagrams:

3 way switch wiring:

White from the source goes directly to the load.

Black from the source goes to the common terminal of one of the 3 way switches.

Black of the load goes to the common terminal of the other 3 way switch.

The travelers get hooked to the remaining terminals.

If you have to use a white as 'hot', it has to feed a switch and be taped black at both ends.

Use 14 gauge wire on a 15 amp circuit, 12 ga on a 20 amp circuit.

joed 10-12-2008 05:24 PM

There are many different ways to wire 3 ways. Here is link to some of the more common.

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