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3 pole wiring

I'm a electrical noob but am going to wire a leviton motion sensor switch for a 3 way switch tomorrow. Doing research now, but want to see if CSI can verify.

From my initial research, the black screw means it's the common/hot wire?

From the wiring diagram, I connect the common/hot wire from the original switch to the black wire of the motion sensor?

The green wire on the motion sensor is the ground? And that goes into the BARE COPPER wire of the receptacle?

Off to research then sleep. I'll start fresh tomorrow.

Original switch. Guessing the black screw means its the hot / common wire?

The back of the motion sensor. Green is ground and goes to the bare copper? Black goes to hot/common? Not sure about the rest.

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3 pole wiring

The dark screw on a 3 way switch is connected to the power feed or to the wire going to the light fixture.

In the sensor instructions for 3 way operation you connect together the following 4 items:
1. The dark screw.
2. One of the other screws
3. The hot feed
4. The wire going over to the other switch (motion sensor module) black wire.

Use short lengths (pigtails) of black or red wire as needed to connect those together.

Use a bare or green pigtail to connect the green screw to the bundle of bare wires.

In the picture of the box in the wall, which wires go into which wire nut on the left?

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3 pole wiring

Originally Posted by AllanJ View Post
In the picture of the box in the wall, which wires go into which wire nut on the left?
Sorry, I'm on the iPhone so I can't upload pics.

But let me try to explain it.

The wire nut on the left has black wires. The one in the middle has white wires. And on the right has bare copper wires attached.

There are two groups of wires coming in, which I'm guessing is because I have 2 switches.

The right group has black, white, ground (bare copper).
The left has black, white, ground (bare copper) AND red.
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3 pole wiring

in the first picture you have three wires going to the switch. Black(HOT) Red(Traveler #1) White(Traveler #2)

in the diagram for the 3-way, the Black is your Hot, so it gets connected to Black in the switch box
The Red gets wired to the Light Fixture Hot wire (in this diagram). we cannot tell from here if the old switch is #1 or #2 in your 3-way circuit.
The Yellow/Red wire is the traveler, so it would go with either the White or the Red depending on how things are wired.

it looks to me the set of wires on the right(Black, white, ground) go to the light fixture.
and the set on the left (Black, White, Red) where the White and Red are travelers.
this would make the switch #2 in your 3-way set up.

sorry i could not be of more help. perhaps a photo of the other 3-way switch would help.
also, are there any other 3-way diagrams for this new switch??
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3 pole wiring

Ok, here is the closeup image of the rest of the wires.

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