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benjeremiah 10-02-2012 12:17 PM

250V 30amp 3 post plug on a bandsaw, change the plug to a 4 post plug question

I am a woodworker, I have a small electrical dilemma to pose: I am working on a building project and I haven't hooked up the electrical service on site yet. I have a 17" Bridgewood bandsaw that runs on 220V power, it has a plug labeled 250V/30A. I would like to use this machine to cut some beams, but as I don't have service in the building yet I am hoping to use my Yamaha generator to power the bandsaw. the generator has a 220V circuit that has a four post outlet, but the bandsaw's plug is only a three post. I understand that when you have a balanced load, as in the motor of the bandsaw, there are only two hots and a ground used on the circuit. I took the saw's plug apart and found two hots labeled X and Y, and a green ground wire (3 wires). I have a new four post plug that fits the generator's outlet, but there are four connections in the plug, W, X and Y, and ground. Is it safe to hook up this plug up to the bandsaw motor with only the X and Y hots and a ground? I don't want to risk doing anything that wouldn't be safe and possibly damage the bandsaw... I'd appreciate any advice from someone who is more knowledgeable about these matters than I am. thanks.

mpoulton 10-02-2012 01:39 PM

The fourth (neutral) terminal of the generator receptacle is only required for loads that use both 120V and 240V. Your saw is a 240V-only load, so you can just leave the neutral (W) terminal empty when wiring the plug to the saw. No problem.

benjeremiah 10-04-2012 09:06 AM

Hey thanks for the reply mpoulton, I wired the plug yesterday and I will soon be cutting my beams with the bandsaw running from the generator:thumbsup:. they are about 8" x 10" and some are 16 ft. long... I need to cut them down to 6" x 9" to make some supports for floor joists that are going to make a storage loft for my woodshop. thanks for the advice.

mpoulton 10-04-2012 11:43 AM

Nice project. Have fun!

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