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alissakk 07-17-2006 05:28 PM

240v electrical to unattached garage?
I need to bring a 240v plug to my garage/shop for a biodiesel processor - it will be a 40 amp plug - underground wire is not an option & i'll need to run the wire overhead - presently there is 120v power going to the garage on overhead lines -I'm looking for helpful hints, instructional website, book suggestions, etc. I have many basic wiring books for the diy projects, however none of them touch on high voltage out door wire. I assume I can buy the appropriate gauge wire with an outdoor rating - but need info on the proper way for it to attach & travel - running parallel to the existing 120v wire, attached to the same connectors on the building? Any info is appriciated. Thanks, Alissa(Portland, Oregon)

darren 07-17-2006 05:58 PM

Why don't you just get rid of the 120V line and run a 240V line and put in a 60A subpanel. The you have a little headroom for the odd plug and lights.

If your not confortable with doing something like this, hire an electrician it is well worth the money.

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