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handifoot 09-03-2007 02:42 AM

240 into 120
Can I tap into one leg of a surface mounted 240 v receptacle that was installed for an electric dryer which is not being used and run a few 120 v
receptacles away from it?

This is at a friends house, I believe that the breakers are 30 amp and I would make sure that the gauge of the romex would be appropriate for the amperage.

sluggermike 09-03-2007 03:53 AM

I'm not an electrician, just a guy that has done some wiring. I don't see any reason why you can't do it. You might want to change out the 30 amp breakers to a 20 amp breakers so you can use 12/2 romex, otherwise you would have to run 10/2 from the dryer receptacle which would be expensive and not compatible with duplex receptacles. Before doing it you might check your local code.

darren 09-03-2007 07:43 AM

This would work but you will have to change the breaker to either a 15A or 20A and then run the approiate wire. if you do this I would make a note in the panel saying what you did, so in the future someone doesn't come along and hook they dryer plug back up while the other plugs are still connected.

JohnJ0906 09-03-2007 08:30 AM

Is this a 120/240 volt outlet,( Black, red, white), or 240 volt only? (Most dryers are 120/240)

Do you have a ground wire?

What gauge are the wires?

I would remove the dryer outlet, and use the box as a junction. That way the outlet can't be used in the future.

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