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mcbmoreno 09-13-2008 01:43 PM

220v 16.8amp Receptacle Install
I just bought a shaper to add to my workshop and need to install a 220 outlet into my garage in order to use it.
Shaper Motor Specs are:

13.1-11.8 amps
208-230 Volts
1 Phase

I would like the circuit to accept up to 16.8 amps because that is what my jointer requires.

So with that said what size breaker and gauge of wire would be sufficient for a 16.8 receptacle? Can I use 3 wire cable?

Plug for shaper is standard size plug with two horizontal pins and one ground.

Also just wanted to check that as long as the amps of a machine plugged into this outlet sit below the amperage of the installed receptacle it will be safe to use that machine off that receptacle? For example my mortiser is 2.55 amps.

I appreciate any help.

Speedy Petey 09-13-2008 03:13 PM

You need a 240v-20A circuit. This would typically be wired with 12/2 cable.
Use a 20A-250v 3-wire receptacle. This will accept a 20A-250v plug OR the 15A-250v plug your shaper has.

kbsparky 09-13-2008 04:44 PM

That would be a NEMA 6-20R, similar to a Leviton #5821:

micromind 09-13-2008 07:02 PM

If it were me, I'd do what is suggested above, 12/2, 20 amp two pole breaker, and 20 amp 250 volt receptacles. These receptacles come in duplex also, but they're harder to find, and likely cost more than twice as much as a single.

The only problem might be with the jointer. A 16.8 amp motor on 240 volts is 3 HP. A 20 amp breaker might not start a 3 HP motor. The shaper motor is 2 HP (maybe 1-1/2), a 20 amp breaker will start it just fine.

To answer your other question, any 240 volt load that's less than the circuit size will work perfectly. Even if it's less than 1 amp.


YerDugliness 09-13-2008 07:33 PM


Originally Posted by micromind (Post 157854)
The only problem might be with the jointer. A 16.8 amp motor on 240 volts is 3 HP. A 20 amp breaker might not start a 3 HP motor. The shaper motor is 2 HP (maybe 1-1/2), a 20 amp breaker will start it just fine.

I realize this might be a rather elementary concept, so please pardon me if I seem to be embracing Tim the Tool Man's "....ugh, More Power!!" philosophy, but in this case, would it be better for the OP to wire in a 30 amp/double pole breaker with 10/2 wire in order to ensure that there would be adequate power to start the motor on the jointer? I ask b/c I don't know if more amps = more hp capacity, or if it is a factir that is limited by the 220V current---just don't understand, nope, hope you can help :whistling2: .

I had envisioned a high-capacity 30 amp/120V circuit in a project home, hoping to power multiple high-power audio amplifiers from the dedicated 30 amp circuit, and found out a 30 amp/120V circuit takes a very unique plug/receptacle, nothing like the one pictured above. IIRC, the plug was designed to be inserted into the receptacle and then twisted. It was such a harebrained idea that I abandoned the quest for a high-amp 120V circuit and will wire in multiple dedicated 20 amp circuits to the location instead.

Dugly :cool:

micromind 09-13-2008 09:37 PM

If a 30 amp circuit were run, using #10 wire, it certainly would start the jointer motor every time.

Trouble is, you'd need to use 30 amp receptacles with a 30 amp circuit, not 20 amp ones. The best way to go here would be twist-lock. NEMA L6-30. They're just a shade bigger than the 20 amp straight-blade ones, but will still fit in a one-gang box. I'd use deep boxes with #10's. The 120 volt version of this receptacle is a NEMA L5-30. They are the same size, but the blade configurations are different. Both of these are pretty common in commercial/industrial buildings.

My recommendation would be to temporarily connect the jointer to a 20 amp breaker, and see if it will start reliably. A 3 HP motor will push a 20 amp breaker to the max, some breakers will hold, others will trip. Another option would be 2 circuits, a 30 amp for the jointer, and a 20 amp for everything else.


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