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DBirge 02-15-2007 10:59 PM

220 Outlet Addition
Hello all. New user here...

Anyways, to the point, I'm purchasing a new house and would like to add a 220 in the garage to run a welder. My question is - what is the typical cost? I know there are a ton of variables, but maybe I can eliminate a few. The house location is in Colorado. It is 2200 Square foot home with a 200 amp panel (or service, not sure on the terminology). There are several open breakers in the box too. Anyone have an idea on the cost?

Also, what are people talking about when they say 240V? Thanks!

joed 02-16-2007 03:59 PM

220, 230, 240 all the same thing. Just double a 110-120 circuit.
Cost is very job and region dependent. Things that will affect cost.
distance cable needs to run.
Difficulty running cable. Are the walls, ceiling etc drywall or open stud.
Is the garage attached

DBirge 02-16-2007 06:59 PM

I figured there wouldn't be a general rate for something like that. The box is in the garage, so I'm hopin they can just run it from that. The walls in the garage are all drywalled and painted, so of course that makes it a bit more difficult. Thanks for the feedback!

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