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20-amp breaker blown?

My 20 amp breaker tripped and when i reset it i still never had power. The other circuits feeding from this panel are working fine. A red line came into view when i flipped the breaker back to on. does this mean the breaker is blown or is there a way of resetting it without replacement?


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Breakers trip for a reason. You will need to troubleshoot WHY it is tripping.

Do you know what outlets or lights are on that circuit? You could do a bit of troubleshooting on your own before thinking about a professional electrician.

Start with getting some type of device to determine of there is no power to the outlets that you think might be on that circuit... either a non contact tester, a wiggy or a multi meter.

start removing covers and outlets that you are 100% positive are NOT live and check the connections. Look for loose wires and possible arcing conditions (burn marks).

Also, follow the wire from where it leaves the breaker box as far as possible to see of something has damaged the wire causing a short.

Lastly, have you replaced any outlets or lights or done any electrical work right before this started happening?


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Agreed, you need to determine why it is tripping first and foremost. Unless you were overloading the circuit with some sort of tool or appliance, you need to find out what is causing it. Breakers trip to avoid overloading the wires and resulting fires and such.

One thing to try is to move the breaker's lever all the way to off as far as it will move, then move it to on. Sometimes you have to "cock" them by manually moving them all the way over...This is especially true with a lot of the new Arc-Fault breakers and some GFCI breakers.
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Originally Posted by CowboyAndy View Post
Lastly, have you replaced any outlets or lights or done any electrical work right before this started happening?
That's the first question I'd be asking before randomly opening boxes. Actually, I'd be asking myself, have I done any construction (or repairs, etc) that could have disturbed the wiring, not just electrical projects. If the wiring is NM-b, even something as seemingly inocuous as hanging a picture could have damaged a hidden cable.
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