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theatretch85 04-06-2009 12:09 AM

20 Amp Bathroom Circuit
Re-wiring parts of my new house with the renovation project and I am curious if it is OK to run one 20 amp circuit for the outlets only in three bathrooms. The way I understand it, its ok for two bathrooms so long as its outlets only, or one bathroom lights and outlets on one 20 amp circuit is ok. Personally I hate dealing with 12gauge wire in a light box and would prefer to put the basement bath lights and fan on a separate circuit with the hall lights, bedroom lights and utility room/laundry room lights. Then another circuit for just the outlet, and eventually the upstairs bath outlets as well.

There are 3 bathrooms in total, basement bath, main bath, and master bath all right next to/above each other. Right now I am looking at a double switch box for the lights and fan with 14/2 in, and 14/3 out to the light box, continuing on to the fan/light combo with 14/3 as well. Then the basement bath outlet will have its own run of 12/2 in a separate box, potentially adding in a second outlet GFCI controlled since I have all the sheetrock off the walls at this point.

Scuba_Dave 04-06-2009 10:36 AM

While you can do it, its not very practical
Some hair dryers use over 1500w
So if anyone uses a high wattage hair dryer & someone else tries to plug something in you will kick the circuit off

But if you are set on doing it make sure each bathroom is fed with line & not from the load of the other bathrooms GFCI

Line to 1st bath, this line feed will continue to the 2nd & 3rd bath
In each bathroom install a GFCI

Note if you exceed the wattage for the circuit you will need to go & reset the breaker, not the GFCI

theatretch85 04-06-2009 09:27 PM

Re-thinking this I think I may just re-use some of the 12/3 romex I pulled out of the bathroom to feed the light, then the fan/light combo. Its not the new yellow jacketed cable, but it is 12/3 romex. Then I will just feed the downstairs bathroom on one 20 amp circuit for lights and the outlet(s).

I was really just trying to avoid having to buy 12/3 romex and to deal with 12 gauge wire in the light and fan boxes, but I figure re-using the 12/3 that was removed and keeping the bathroom all on its own 20 amp circuit would be the better way to go.

jbfan 04-06-2009 09:33 PM

You can feed all the bath receptacles in the house with 1 20 amp circuit, but you cannot feed any lights with it.
Like scuba, not the best idea in the world.
Both of my baths share the same circuit, but I only charge a razor and the has the rest of the power.

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