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mysterylectric 08-02-2011 07:02 PM

2 Wire/Cable Questions: Min. Bending Radius SOOW, Re-Purposing NM conductors

2 quick ones (?):

Has anyone seen min. bend radius specs for SOOW portable cord? Closest spec I could find in NEC was for TW, at 4xD. I think I really need a bend radius closer to 3xD. The rating would be for shipping and storage, really. I've bent up a few pieces of heavy stuff (6/4) and it all seems good but it would be nice to see a spec. I've browsed manufacturers' literature to no avail. I may be able to learn something by observing the rolls on which the material is shipped, but... not very authoritative.

Also has the subject of re-purposing NM or its conductors been beaten to death yet? I have some NM that seems to be going nowhere, meanwhile I'm buying THHN solid all the time for use in conduit. I'm already ripping the ground out of it in a pinch when I want a bare solid ground.

It could be seen as an "upgrade" of the sheath from NM to RMC, but on the other hand the conductors aren't rated for pulling through. In fact last batch I checked, the conductor insulation was not even marked.

In many cases running the whole cable through conduit is feasible. But here again, NM cable isn't really intended to be installed in conduit and it could be argued that heat dissipation has been "altered", without any regard as to whether it has actually been improved or impaired.



gregzoll 08-02-2011 07:57 PM

Figure 1/3rd of the radius of a five gallon bucket/pickle pail/drywall compound bucket.

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