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rallybug 12-02-2011 06:08 PM

A 1957 Home in Utah
My wife bought this property in 2004, and we married this year.

She bought the house from the original owners, but it would appear that they were DIY enthusiasts.....

There are issues on a number of areas, but we'll start with the sparky stuff. :laughing:

There is a Pushmatic Electri-Center 100amp panel that is probably original to the house. From this, a second (Square D QO) 100amp panel was added when my wife closed on buying the house, as the POs DIY electrics was a bit funky.

We've gone through and labelled up the panels with which breaker controls which circuits etc, so we have a starting point.

Some of the rooms have 2-prong outlets (so no grounding) and some have 3-prong outlets (and, when you take the cover plate off, still no grounding wire...

Some of the circuits are a little funky too.

Power coming in:

As I can't see any cable coming out of the meter (the cables surrounding it are for the cable TV set-up), I would assume that the power goes straight out the back of the meter and through the house wall?

The breakers power the house thus:

Here's the Pushmatic panel:
Click image to enlarge

Here's the Square D panel:
Click image to enlarge

I'm thinking that we may be missing something even at this point?

Breakdown of the rooms:

For the draws on the house, the stove is rated at 12.4kW @ 240v, the microwave is 1200w, then there's the electric washing machine and tumble dryer, the fridge-freezer and a second small freezer.

For an example of the POs handy work, this is the fluorescent tubes over the kitchen:

Yes, those do look like drywall nails holding the tubes up.... :laughing:

We're thinking that, really, the only way forward is a complete re-wire :eek: This would, of course, bring the house up to current code (UT requires NEC 2008, I think), which would be good at sales time, I suppose.

Any other options?

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