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momof2labs 05-22-2010 08:56 AM

1 pole + 3 way switch
I am installing under counter wiring. I realized that I cannot hook up the present 3 way switch + the 1 pole light together. Now I'm connecting the 1 pole switch (which will control all under counter lights) to the electrical outlet a foot away and then connect it to the 1 pole light + 3 way switch.

The 3 way switch has a red, white and black wire and no ground. The wall switch (a foot away) has the regular 2 white and 2 black wires.

I've read I shouldn't connect 2 wires to the same screw on the plug (wall switch). So do I connect the one set of white and black wires w/ a pig tail and then hook it (with the one wire) to the wall switch?

The new 3 way + 1 pole switch has 3 brass screws on the left and 2 black + ground screws on the right. Do I the connect the red and white (from existing 3 way switch) to the top 2 brass screws and then the black wire to the black screw on the right side of the new 3-way switch?

I guess the confusion comes in with 1. it being a 3-way switch and 2. the red and white wires on the existing 3 way switch.

Hope I've explained this enough. I can send picts if needed.

Thanks so much!

joed 05-22-2010 10:37 AM

You can not tap power from a kitchen counter receptacle. Those a defined by code a small appliance circuits and only can have counter receptacles on them.

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