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porschedlr 02-17-2013 10:30 AM

York Diamond 80 Not Igniting and no heat
I live in FL and I have a dual set of York Diamond 80 air handlers in the ceiling of my garage. They have a gas furnace and separate a/c condensers outside.
I was not getting any power to the thermostat. I removed the thermostat and wired it directly onto the circuit board on the unit.
Now I have power to the thermostat. When I have the fan on auto and the heat on the flame flashes, but heat does not come on, no ignition of the gas, and no heating up of the ignitor.

My problem is that I have no heat.
The LED does not flash.
When I turn on the thermostat on and turn the heat on, turn the temp up, the down draft fan behind the circuit board turns on full, but the ignitor does not heat up, gas does not turn on or ignite, and the main fan does not come on.
I have powered down the full unit. No change

I have reset the all of the trip switches (2 in the down draft side) and three in the heat side.

I tested the capacitor by jumping it and it made no difference.

I have taken the panels off both units and compared to make sure a wire is not off.

Any help would be appreciated.

how 02-17-2013 02:43 PM

After the ID motor comes on, a pressure switch is supposed to verify the ID is operating effectively enough to go to the next step.
Do you have a meter and know how to use it?
You can meter the PS switch leads to see if that 24V pressure switch is closing or not when the ID is running.

Either way, you should be getting a fault code from the led so in the end it might be a board issue.

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