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Wood Burner Installation Question?

Hi, I'm new to the forum and have a Q. I recently purchased a new wood burner and am installing in the corner of my finished basement. I built a stone hearth all the way up the walls 5 feet out from the corner all the way to the cieling. There is a hole in the wall that goes into a chimney, but there is about an 8 inch air space from the wall to the hole. Behind the stone wall is wood framing for support of the weight of the stone. Can I use that 6" triple wall "metalbestos" flute pipe horizontally to go from my stove pipe into the chimney (Can that pipe be cut?)? And how much clearance do I need from the cumbustible wood framing to the pipe itself?? I hope these aren't to many questions for my first time and I hope you could help since the stove should be here in days...Thanks!


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Woodburner Install

The pipe your referring to is stainless steel, Class A; All Fuel Chimney. When I was a sweep I liked Security brand. Metalbestos is another brand that became name brand associated with this type of chimney pipe.

It cannot be cut but if you need a short piece a 12” piece is available. 6” will have a n 8” OD. Clearance to combustibles is a couple inches. You might have to enlarge your hole in the stone wall you built ,but sounds like you can do that since you built it in the first place.

There’s an arrow on the side of the pipe, point that towards the brick chimney. You will need a special stainless steel (ss) piece called an “all male“ adaptor. This will poke into the hole in your brick chimney and also poke inside the “top” end of the ss pipe. Sweeps or a woodstove shop have or can get you one. This piece will give you a safe “no gap” connection back behind your new wall.

On the end of the ss pipe that points into the room, if you are using Security brand, get a ss piece called the Flue Extension. Look at fig. 4 on this link:

This little piece is screwed on the “bottom” end. A Decorative Collar will cover the end where you screwed the flue extension making a nice finished look. Screw your black pipe to the flue extension through pre-drilled holes. Use a brand new 1/8” cobalt steel drill bit to predrill these holes. Be careful here… once the drill bit penetrates the black pipe, it immediately will start to drill into the much tougher ss Flue Extension,. This is where light pressure on the bit is required or the ss will bend in and the two holes will not align, making a loose pipe connection that will affect the stove performance.

Both the Flue Extension and the Decorative Collar are Security brand pieces.

On mortaring around the pipe at the stone wall pass through…if you can pre-measure and mark the side of the ss chimney where it would be beyond or behind the surface of your new stone wall by an inch or so. Then make three equal distanced holes around the circumference through the outer ss shell (only!) of the pipe. Screw ss #8x ½” hex head sheetmetal screws into the holes. Then when you mortar in the pipe it will harden around the screw heads and keep the pipe in place when you or a sweep pulls the chimney brush out of the pipe during cleaning. Also without this, the pipe will work loose towards the stove and your backend connection will leak air.
Good luck,


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