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farmjon 02-07-2006 09:34 PM

Wondering about ductless A/C
I have a brick house from the late 1800's, oil hot water, radiators. I want air conditioning and not the inconvenience of window models. I'm thinking ductless a/c but am still unhappy with their noticeable modern presence. Thoughts on disguising the blower unit include:

Having built-in book cases where a couple of the upper shelves are covered with the style door which slide back along each side's interior.
The other was to put them in a spot you're unable to view directly. I have two gable end interior walls in the room the A/C is needed. If I build 7 foot wall cabinets with a two foot wide board on top of the cabinet as the top rail. Then put the A/c flush with the cabinet top and behind the ultra wide top rail, and out of view. Perhaps a rectangular duct's bottom half sloping over the rail would suffice to not impede the blower?

My two questions are:

Is there an intake on the blower unit which would become suffocated by a cabinet's enclosure? Then the unit would over heat?

Would the ramp mentioned in solution two impede the flow too much to work? The ramp's length would be about a foot?

Thanks for any input.

allan 02-09-2006 07:45 AM

ductless air conditioning
It sounds like you are trying to hide the inside unit.for appearance
What you should do is look at some of the lg art cool units.
They are amazingly beatiful to look at.
You can get some that are made of wood , some have glass.
If you need some specs on a certain unit email me and i will try to give you the installation prorities of the inside .

Allan Thorne
Clarkson Comfort Zone Heating and Air Mississauga Ontario

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