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m_driver 07-06-2008 07:11 PM

wiring Samsung MH080FXCA4A/MH052FNCA
Hi guys,

I am looking for some help regarding wiring my ductless split system for next week before my HVAC guy coming over to purge air and start up system.
I have outdoor unit MH080FXCA4A and two of the indoor units MH052FNCA
Here is wiring diagram provided my manufacture
so, I need to run 3 type of cables
#10/2 (2 hot + ground) to power outdoor unit from main electrical panel
#14/2 (2 hot + ground) to power indoor unit from outdoor unit
#16/2 communication cable between indoor- outdoor unit
Also I am planning to use lineset cover to protect my insulated copper, something like this
With your guys help I think i have figured how to run #10/2 cable
electrical panel - double pole 220V 30A breaker - #10/2 armored cable (I live in the loft and all of my electrical in conduit/armored cable) - disconnect switch/box on outside wall - and this 4" peace of the cable between disconnect box and outdoor unit
but how about #14/2 and #16/2 between my outdoor unit and two indoor units?
do I install another disconnect box to make transaction between armored 14/2 and UF 14/2, or I just just strip metal wrap from armored cable where it's leaving my exterior wall and put it in UF liquid based conduit and run alone with my lineset in lineset cover.

any advice would be greatlly appreciated.

8 Ball 07-06-2008 09:44 PM

Please tell me your not going to run ROMEX through the whole job. Please tell me you are going to use 10/2,14/2 or 16/2 WITH GROUND.

ROMEX cannot be run in conduit. Your size of wire sounds right, for your control use strand. There will be an electrician along in a minute.

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