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dave_kitchener 10-05-2010 04:34 PM

Wireless Thermostat Selection
Just had my 1st bi-annual furnace check-up. I have a Carrier Infinity 80 Mid - effic., installed 2 years ago.

I have a 1972 Semi-detached home, basement [has a bedroom and my office - I work out of weekdays] and main level and upper storey [1800 sq. ft.]. It has an energy efficiency rating af about 60%.

The service man who owns this 25 yr. old company says that when they put my Carrier in, the thermostat [wired] only had 2 wires connecting it, so it wasn't utilizing the 2-stage nature of this furnace. To use the 2-stage fan I need 4 wires [grrrr]! So he says my options are:

  1. Pull through a 4 wire cable [very difficult "pull" w/ our house's set up]
  2. Buy a Honeywell wireless system (called a distributor and was told a 6000 series would be $225 CDN - I'm in south-western Ontario, Canada, checked online with Honeywell's site and was looking at a YTH6320R1009 which was almost $500 USD!!!)
So, I need your experience, please?
  1. Do I have other options besides the above? $225 is as high as I can go.
  2. Other makes and models?
  3. Things I will regret if I don't get them now with this thermostat...



yuri 10-05-2010 06:27 PM

You do not need extra wires to use it as a 2 stage furnace. It is using a timed on algorithm to determine when to switch to high fire. Read about adaptive timing in this manual:

Most people cannot tell the difference from a 1 to 2 stage tstat with that furnace if I did a blind side by each test of the 2 types of stats after it has run a dozen cycles.

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