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Originally Posted by Hixheat1

Look I would like to say sorry. I'm a trane dealer can't say anything but want u to have a good install. A load calc. Is a must. Usually if u go by price alone u loose think before u make your choice.
You should ask for a pressure drop across your complete system. This will help u on your choice on the co. U would like .o5 inches of water column or a explanation why it's higher. Sometimes on higher efficient units it will be higher, however a good co. Can show you the btu version in the start up.


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Originally Posted by Vaandjay View Post
I assume you're joking about my lack of knowledge, and that's fine. Nevertheless, due to the cracked heat exchanger on our existing 1992 high-efficiency furnace, it makes sense to replace it with a 95% because the tax credit essentially makes the 95% the same price or less than the 90%. It's not like I'd be tricking anyone if I didn't mention the tax credit, though I could have lied and said I used mine already to see how much less a quote would have been. Admittedly, they bring up the tax credit thing, and I don't like that they may give different quotes based on someone's tax credit situation, but I'm sure it happens. Still, for some reason, I never thought about lying until your message.
Tax credits, rebates and utility incentives all go to the home owner. The quoted price is based on costs and profit margin which has no bearing on if you qualify for any credits. Next year the same systems will be quoted the same as they are now plus any increase in equiptment costs .
We bring up tax credits and such to let the customer know they can get a higher end system for the same out of pocket cost right now. That increases sales and puts more dollars on the bottom line.
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Originally Posted by Hixheat1 View Post
I would ask wht, would happen if we used three inch pipe versus two it maybe two much combustion air. Just asking. If we had to much combustion air wht would happen.
Most 90% plus are running with too much combustion air already. But the installers and techs don't know it, or know what they can do about it.

Running 3" intake and exhaust, is not really any different then running a 2.5" exhaust, and no intake.
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No problem Hixheat/Marty

I do realize that I never learned much about these systems or just about anything else mechanical for that matter. Still, I try to learn a little bit so I can do some basic things and not get taken advantage of. Thank you for your advice. I do appreciate it.

Marty--I was probably overreacting a bit too; I do not think that a lot of contractors jack up the prices, though I'm sure a few do. They probably don't get a lot of return customers in the long run.

Hixheat--since you mentioned Trane, I'll mention that at this point, I'm comparing a Trane system with a Carrier system. A third contractor gave me a quote by email on a Goodman system, but seeing as he never had time to come to my house it's hard to see how well he's matching the product with our house.

The Carrier is about $700 more than the Trane but it's a two-stage furnace.

CARRIER (Performance Series)
Furnace: 2-stage 58HDV080 (80,000/56,000) (95%)
AC: 2-ton 24APA7 Performance 17 (17 SEER)
Total Cost (after tax credit): $6,400

Furnace: 1-Stage XR95 (76,000) (95%)
AC: 2-ton XR-15 (15 SEER) (no tax credit)
Total Cost (after tax credit): $5,700

I emailed the Carrier contractor earlier today to see what the price would be with a lower SEER AC. With our existing ductwork in our 60 year old, drafty little colonial, I don't think we'll get a ton of savings from a 17-SEER AC unit. I've also asked about the need for the smaller PVC pipe. Maybe I'll learn something.


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