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agtsrbt 02-04-2007 04:26 PM

Whirlpool Furnace - Burners cycle every 10 to 20 Seconds
I have a Whirlpool furnace model number NUGK080AG01. The burners cycle every 10 to 20 seconds. The pilot stays lit and the two burners furthest from the gas valve don't seem to be completely lit. The burner closest to the gas valve seems fine.

I suspect the Honeywell model VR8440p2088 gas valve, but, I hate to "shotgun" the valve. Does anyone know how to check the valve for flow?

Thank you,

Cold in Cincinnati

#CARRIERMAN 02-04-2007 08:08 PM

Hi agtsrbt

Before spending money that may not be needed. Shut the power off to the furnace and remove the burners. Use a wire brush and clean them real good. Use air to remove the loose debris, reinstall the burners and see what happens. Let me know if this doesn't help and we will go a little deeper into the problem.

Good luck

agtsrbt 02-06-2007 06:07 AM

Still isn't working
I removed the burners and cleand them with a small nail file. All the holes are open. The two burners furthest from the gas valve still don't work.

I checked the exhaust flow switch, the air proving switch and the over-temp switch. They seem to be working.

When I close the saftey interlock and call for heat here are my observations:
  • The blower starts as well as the exhaust blower.
  • The pilot lights and all the burners fire.
  • When the furnace is cold it takes 15 to 20 seconds then the burner furthest from the valve starts to lose flame, then the middle burner does the same.
  • The burner closest to the valve keeps running well.
  • The valve then shuts down all gas, I think the sensor in the flue is sensing loss of heat and shutting down the valve.
  • As soon as the flames die down, a couple of seconds, the whole process starts again.
  • When the furnace is warm the cycle rate increases to 5 to 10 seconds and on restart flames come out past the flame guard.
  • After about 5 minutes the "Over temp" switch locks out the system until the furnace cools down.
I also notice the corrosion in the far two burner plenums show more corrosion than the plemum closest to the valve.

I am losing the 24VAC from the ignition module. I think its sensing a loss of hear, or gas, in the plenum and shuting the valve down. I just don't know if its because there isn't enough gas gettin to the burners or if its something else.



#CARRIERMAN 02-06-2007 04:39 PM

Hi agtsrbt

Have a proffesional come look at your furnace. They need to do a airstream c/o test or use a heat exchanger analyzing spray. What you are describing sounds like you may have at least two cracked heat exchanger cells. See if you can get them there ASAP. Don't want you getting hurt or sick.

Good luck

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