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Andee77 07-17-2012 09:56 AM

What is difference between commercial vs residential HVAC installer?
We have one unit old commercial property need of new HVAC unit.
This property is 1600 sq ft studio.

Is there a difference between commercial vs residential HVAC installer?

If there's no difference, we want to hire residential HVAC for our job.

bobelectric 07-17-2012 10:04 AM

Just the size of equipment.

scottmcd9999 07-17-2012 10:47 AM

In your specific instance - a small studio place - you probably would have no difference in the equipment other than voltage (the commercial may be 3 phase, whereas residential is almost never 3 phase). Meaning there would really be no major difference in the type and scope of installation.

If you get into larger equipment (VAV system, for example) or different types of controls systems (pneumatic, for example) then you would probably be better off with someone with experience in those areas.

Andee77 07-17-2012 01:11 PM

One more question on choice of HVAC for 1600sq ft studio?
Thank you both for your quick info on my question.

This is very old building and tenant who just moved out did some unthinkable alternating, we are looking to pay to repair.

We had 5 ton HVAC duct system and tenant removed complete duct system out of building along with ceiling panels without our approval and cost a lot of money for other repairs.

We do need to install new heating system and we need your help on deciding which system will be best for this building.

-5 ton HVAC duct system: expect around $12,000-15,000 and may need permit and structure engineer if we need to install on top of roof.
Old 5 ton HVAC was back of building and it is not best location. So, if we go with this system, either roof or find alternative location.

-Resnor gas heating: We have gas heating still in building. We were told, new 100,000 Resnor heating system can heat building and cost around $4,000.
If we decide to go this direction, we are thinking of installing few of ceiling pan/light and this can help lighting as well as cool air.
But not sure amount of cool air from celing pan be enough or not.

If you have advise on choice of heating system, let me know.

beenthere 07-17-2012 01:53 PM

Depends on who you rent it out to next. What kind of use they have or it.

May need to have mechanical fresh air ventilation.

scottmcd9999 07-17-2012 04:59 PM

Given your situation I'd encourage you to find a local reputable HVAC contractor with some background in commercial work and work with them to design the best system for your building. There are so many variables involved in sizing a system, designing ductwork, etc etc that it's nearly impossible to do something like this on a web forum. It'll cost you a little money to have a local guy design it, perhaps, but IMO it'll be money well spent.

I'm not sure why you'd need to install the Resnor heater. If you install a commercial heating/cooling system, your heating needs would be met by that unit.

Andee77 07-17-2012 05:12 PM

Resnor heating
Currently, there's 2 heating units in the building and both are actually not working or stop working. Because building is very old and we are working with limited budget, we thought of going with Resnor gas heating system for heating and by adding ceiling light/fan system, maybe we can skip A/C. Going with Resnor gas heating and ceiling light/fan system can come to about $4,000 or slightly more vs HVAC duct package will cost around $15,000 with permit and structure engineer review to install on top of roof.

Never used ceiling light/fan and only heard, it is very efficient cooling system to reduce energy cost.

The height of ceiling for this building is about 2 stories high.

If ceiling light/fan will be good source for A/C replacement, we want to think about this heating too.

beenthere 07-17-2012 09:59 PM

So what will the building be used for.

scottmcd9999 07-18-2012 03:24 AM

What area of the country are you in?

While I realize that some areas may not need much in the way of A/C, I couldn't imagine a commercial property around here that didn't have A/C.

Note too that ceiling fans aren't air conditioning - they're just fans. That may or may not be sufficient to satisfy your tenants, depending on the area, the usage of the building, etc etc.

airtrackinc 12-22-2015 06:11 AM

The major difference between cooling a commercial space and cooling a home is the amount of power necessary. Businesses not only (usually) take up more space than homes, but they must provide comfort for more people. Since the human body gives off heat, commercial ACs must be sized to overcome the extra heat from the people in a workspace, both employees and customers. Sizing an air conditioner for a commercial space takes a special level of technical skill so that the installed system provides the right level of BTUs for cooling without draining power or short-cycling. Larger businesses will often require multiple air conditioners to handle the cooling load.

supers05 12-22-2015 07:14 AM

If you want to stay cheap, I've seen people use residential class systems in businesses. It often does void the manufacturers warranty if they were to find out. (they register the equipment to their personal address to get around that)

It's not the most convenient to the service guy, but it does work. You can get higher efficiencies, in both heating and cooling, while the equipment is lighter, and would be spilt between 2 locations. (indoor/ outdoor unit.) This also means a smaller roof penetration, possibly within what's already available.

Of course, all of our customers would have an engineer do up papers for all of it, and pull all the required permits. This includes all inspections and licenses too. They do this more to cover their legal backsides more then anything else.

Commercial spaces usually have very different laws that more often are enforced.


jimn01 12-23-2015 04:47 AM

Another zombie thread. Sure hope the issue has been resolved in the last 3 1/2 years

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