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creeper 08-31-2011 01:51 PM

What to choose?
Thanks in advance for tolerating my lack of knowledge in the Hvac world.

I have narrowed my purchase decision down to a Carrier boost 90 at 93% eff. or a Bryant preferred plus series 95% eff.

Both contractors have come out for a quote. Both have included 10 yrs parts AND labour Both qualify for the federal and Ont. power authority rebate program.

In this case the Carrier is a single stage and Bryant is a variable. The contractors have quoted within a couple hundred of each other. Jan/Feb can be bitterly cold where I live. UGH

I realize the Bryant is 2% more efficient, but I'm not sure what the difference in $ would be at store level. Does anybody have an opinion on which is the better value?

Thanks so much in advance for your time


preacher01 08-31-2011 02:29 PM

I have had a Carrier for 14 years and never had an issue but due to lack of PM on my part have recently had to replace the control board. I feel that I have got my money's worth out of mine. I'm sure both systems are very good. I doubt you'll go wrong either way. Good luck!!!!:no:

HVACDave 08-31-2011 04:28 PM

Both units are made by Carrier as Bryant is a Carrier division. Both units will have similar warranty, and either will keep you warm. The biggest difference will be in the comfort level of the multi stage verses the single stage. The multi stage units are very quiet when in low fire and I will be suprised if you can notice it running. On high fire it will sound about the same as the single stage will whenever it runs. Most of the multi stage Carrier/Bryant products are compatible with the Infinity/evolution controls which will give you greater control over humidity removal during a/c mode by changing the fan speed to maximize or minimize dehumidification if you don't mind spending some extra money for an advanced control (approx. 350-400), but that being said you can get some pretty nice stats for a lot less.

If there is only a couple hundred bucks difference, My opinion would be that the variable is a better value. Those furnaces typically have a wider price spread than that.

creeper 08-31-2011 04:37 PM

I suspected that there was a bigger price diff. because the carrier fellow quoted a much higher price for his 95% variable speed. Thanks everyone for clearing this up for me. I feel now that I'm getting a good deal on the Bryant.


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