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beretta007 07-08-2010 07:02 PM

water in drain pan under my ac unit in the atic
I have only one pipe coming out of the a coil. could this drain pipe be clogged inside the case that covers the a coil? Is there a drain pan under the a coil that might have a hole in it causing the water to collect in the lower pan under the whole unit?

biggles 07-09-2010 07:35 AM

the unit has a pan within that is under the coling coil and that drains out thru the white PVC piping..if it cloggs the water conntinues to drip down over run the pan and into the insulation under the fan and drips into the emrgency pan as you see..the fix shut the unit fan off pop the fan access cover and reach in...where the white PVC connects to drain the unit pan...tapping the trapped area out side with a screw driver handle and it will loosen up the slug in that trap and the pan will drain out...cycle some water in the pan with styrafoam cup or a soda bottle full of water..don't be shy pour it all in and that pan should empty out as quick as you fill it.the emergency pan has done its job warned you of a problem inside the air handler..there never should be water even dripping into it...go for the condensate pan and that pcv piping.imagine if you were out for a weekend and the AC ran without that emergency pan....:whistling2:newre installs companies pipe out that pan totally seperated from the unit condensate drain line and drop it over a kitchen window or front stoop so you get the early warning the pan has water in it....good luck

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