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sassyalice 09-05-2010 05:38 PM

Wanting the BEST for HVAC system.
my first quote is for my HVAC includes this equipment

One carrier FE4 - infinity series fan coil
constant CFM airflow for efficiency and quiet operation
24 kw Heater package 240V
variable speed ECM Fan motor

One Carrier 25HPA7 5 ton - performance series 17 SEER Heat pump
Weatherarmor louvered grill 69 dba

One nu air heat recovery ventilator

Are these the best on the market? I don't like what I have read about carrier.

Can someone suggest what they would put in there own home if they had no budget.
Can anyone tell me the equivalent for trane products?? or for Rheem?

i am not looking for quotes or cost comparisons I just want the top of the line products that will surpass these products.

I think I have my HVAC guy not 100% sure yet as I like to hear what they tell me about what products. If they blow smoke up my a** I can walk out. and thanks to this site I can at least I knew enough to tell one guy that told me he could do the H/C load calc in his head to carry on his way. :laughing:

beenthere 09-05-2010 07:03 PM

The 16 SEER is carriers second tier line equipment. The 21 SEER line is their top tier line.

Trane would be the 20i for their top of the line.

Not sure about rheem.

That said. Trane's 15i, while their third tier unit. Outperforms the 20i for heat in some sizes. Not sure about the 5 ton size.

Ask each contractor, for the AHRI cert for the equipment match they quote. That way you can look at the heating and cooling specs. And see what you are really getting in performance.

A unit that gets 17 SEER in cooling, but only has a capacity of 53,000 BTUs will cost more to use then a 15 SEER that has a 58,000 BTU capacity.

Same for heat. A unit that has a COP of 2 at 17 outdoor temp and supplies 20,000 BTUs, still uses more electric then a heat pump with a COP of 1.7 at the same outdoor temp, delivering 26,000 BTUs.

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