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vanillarice 10-20-2012 09:13 PM

Venting Portable A/C
This is starting to test my patience. Every method that explains how to vent a portable A/C is shown with a sliding window. I have windows that open out, which is a nightmare to "plug". My other option was to use my sliding door to vent the hot air. I've gone to the trouble of getting some acrylic cut to size and a vent hole cover etc. But it's very cumbersome and it's near impossible to make air tight.

The makers of these things seemed to forget about those of us who don't live in a perfect world. Also, I rent. So I doubt my landlord will let me start drilling holes in the wall.

Attached is my progress (or lack there of) so far and also a picture of the window I want to vent out of.

Any bright idea's because I'm out of them.

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