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jtimian 06-30-2011 09:25 AM

vent options for electric dryer
We recently purchased a new home and discovered that the main floor clothes dryer vents down into a basement crawl space. Obviously this is not good and is adding a lot of moisture to my basement. I am trying to determine my best route to vent this. I can go up through the ceiling if need be but was trying to avoid it. The room is an enclosed breezway surrounded by a stairwell to the basement behind, attached garage to one side, and a zero clearance deck on the other side. going up would then angle the roof vent over my deck or over my side entrance to the breezeway, but would be shortest and straightest. Ideas/suggestions?

AGWhitehouse 07-01-2011 09:46 AM

Hard to really give the best advice without a sketch of what you're dealing with, but what about going through the stairwell behind. If it is a stair down is there enough headroom above to have a 4" pipe crossing. What's the possibility of extending the run in the crawl space? You don't want to have the run too long (code restricts it). Remember also, if you are running the exhaust in an un-conditioned space and you live in a climate that has freezing temps, then you should to insulate the pipe to minimize moisture condensation as this will grab onto the lint and eventually clog you line.

jtimian 07-01-2011 02:11 PM

yeah, its hard to describe where the dryer is located. Going across the stairwell was my first thought when we bought the house. Thought I would be able to exhaust out the side of the house. Looking at it now it would actually put the vent out the roof still but about maybe 2 or 3 feet up. Not sure if that is any better or worse than going straight up and exiting closer to the peak of the roof. I can extend it through the crawl space but would exit under the composite deck, not sure if that is a great idea (access, snow, etc)

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