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rkannah 04-25-2013 03:33 PM

Vent fan panasonic vs broad
I'm building my new home, initially my builder says Panasonic Fan for the Master Bath Room & Full Path, Now they are saying They are going with BROAN Systems.

Can you guide us Which one is good?



REP 04-25-2013 06:55 PM

Broan is the industry standard,Panasonic is a high end unit.Usually the Panasonic is energy star rated and is very quiet.The Broan not so much.

av-geek 04-26-2013 07:03 PM

That is the difference between going with a Mercedes-Benz (The Panasonic) versus a Chevrolet (Broan) I would hold the builder to the fire to install a Panasonic. They are really nice!

chitownken 04-26-2013 09:05 PM

I have the Broan Elite series fans and they work well, are really quiet and I have had no issues with them. Funny thing is, they cost just as much as the Panasonics. Moral of the story? You get what you pay for. Don't let your builder "cheap out" to put a bit more profit in his pocket. If the contract calls for Panasonic, then that is what he should be putting in. If he wants to use Broan because of availability, then be certain he is putting in the Elite series fans, not the cheap ones.

wkearney99 04-29-2013 07:38 PM

Want really quiet? Go with Fantech units. They're not all that expensive if you shop around. They use a in-line motor instead of one right there in the ceiling. This leads to a much quieter setup. The only complain? One guest (a female) complained it was "too quiet". As in, there wasn't anything to cover 'bathroom noises'. I resisted the temptation to say "then go crap in your own house" and instead suggested "just leave a water tap running" instead.

rkannah 05-01-2013 01:08 PM

Broan QTRE080 Vs. Panasonic FV08vkm3
Broan XB110 Vs. Panasonic FV08VKM3
Broan QTRE080 Vs. Panasonic FV08VQ5 This is the Model Info

Can you recommend?

747 05-01-2013 05:10 PM

Panasonic just make sure its the proper cpm there nice quiet fans.

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