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millerheater 11-27-2010 08:41 PM

Urgent..heater problem!!..
I have a miller heater...beckett af-15....I had a techician come to service heater and he adjusted air intake plate on side....I know he added more air to system I believe..he had put nozzle .65 (80)B NOZZLE....I changed it to a .50 (80)AS SOLID and burner turned on for a couple hours and now not turning on......I PUSHED RESET button and it still did not turn I remember he was having problem turning it on...and he did a so called "trick"...he pushed reset button and turned it on and opened transformer black box with springs inside quickly and closed it and it turned on....he said it was the lack of air....that is when he did adjustment to question is what should the air intake plate be set to?...I beleive it is to much air coming in...HELP!!!...PLEASE...I have small kids and it is cold tonight and I do not have $200 to call tech in...Thanks:(

yuri 11-27-2010 09:35 PM

Sounds like the tech was not so good if he had to perform "tricks" to get it going. Correct nozzle size is required and the burner needs to be set up properly with a combustion analyzer and nozzle/electrode settings. Any other method could result in a VERY dangerous condition known as delayed ignition/flashback and start a fire. If the company is reputable they should send him back for free or a better tech. Talk to the service manager. In the mean time I would not be fooling around with the air adjustment or damage could occur. Buy a couple $20 ceramic heaters at HDepot to get you by until they return.

If you press that red reset button more than 2X you will flood the chamber with oil and have a huge problem when it starts. Could end up with a runaway fire as too much oil is in the chamber.

beenthere 11-27-2010 10:13 PM

That "trick" is done when either there is too much air. or teh transformer is weak.

No one can "tell" where to set the air. Needs to be done by smoke test and combustion test.

As above, that tech wasn't too good.

If this tech was there recently. This would be a call back. And should be a no charge. Except if you put a smaller nozzle in. You may have just made it a chargeable call.

millerheater 11-27-2010 10:35 PM

smoke test & combustion test
Thank everyone for there help...when heater tech comes how do I know if he is doing a smoke test and combustion test?...what do I look for? equipment?...the only thing I saw him do was open the small little steel flat above the motor and looked in hole at the chamber...a bunch of smoke came out and that was all...but please let me know..Thanks

beenthere 11-28-2010 07:03 AM

A smoke tester. Will be about 16" long. A piece of white special paper is put in it. And the tech pumps it 10 times to pull a sample of the gas through the paper.

If he is using a Bacharach Fyrite kit, He will use a device that looks a bit like an hour glass. But it will have a red liquid in it. That he also pumps a sample(18 pumps) of the combusted gasses into. Along with checking the temp of the flue gasses, and the draft both in the flue pipe, and inside the flap that you saw the other tech looking in.

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