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stubborn1 09-25-2011 02:29 PM

Two stage heating thermostat recommendation
I just installed a new 80k btu York high efficiency two stage gas furnance in our vacation property. I picked up a basic manual two stage stat from the orange box store, but I'm not happy with the performance. It's a no name Filtrete brand stat and I should have known better than to buy something cheap. The thermostat will call for heat and then kick out 10-15 seconds later before the blower even kicks in. This happens for 2-3 times before the furnace will run for a cycle.

Anyway, I don't need any fancy programming capabilities since this will be installed in a vacation property. I'm looking for something simple and reliable, but with two stage capability. Any recommendations?

gregzoll 09-25-2011 03:57 PM

Here is a search for Honeywell thermostats that are non-programmable multi stage:;_ylt=...te=&fr2=sp-top If you want something that you can access or monitor while away, you could look at the 3m Filtrete CT-50, which is manufactured by It has a Simple screen, which allows it to work like a non-programmable.

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