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mjm504 10-09-2012 01:37 PM

Transformer Shorts EVERY Year

I have a Ducane package unit Model No. SG10B42100. Since we have owned our house in 2009, we have had to get the circuit board replaced due to condensation buildup and eventually shorting out the transformer which controls the ignitor each year. While the work of the HVAC company has been covered under warranty, I'm trying to not have the hassle of coming across this each year when we have our first cold spell. Basically, we turn on the heat from the thermostat, the unit begins to exhaust (which I was told is the suction), then the gas is let in, but no spark so no ignition. The part that keeps failing is the transformer which leads to the ignitor (DST2010-004B) with evidence of water seepage underneath and a black spot.

1. Is this a common problem with this model?
2. Is there a fix for this so that we don't encounter this every year?
--> i.e. can I build a metal or plastic box to go around it without causing too much heat buildup within the electrical board? Can I move the board somewhere else and mount it?

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