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Trane XR90, LED flashes 2 times for error

Hi all, Im glad i found this Board.
I'm having the exact same problem for the last 2 years, and my Trane XR90 is no more than 3 years old since my house is a new build.
My service guys have been looking at this problem for the last 2 years and it's already costing me over $300 (new board, service calls ect).
he actually came by this weekend to replace another board and last night the problem is back, so as of right now, no heat again and only cool air.

If alot of us having this problem, doesn't sound like its a manuf. defect?
now i need to find another service guy to look at solve this problem, don't want to keep on replacing parts that is not broken


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Trane XR90, LED flashes 2 times for error

My furnance shutsdown every 10-15 min. Sometimes it fails to restart with with error code of "two blinking light". Sometimes, I hear some noise when furnance is trying to start.

Any suggestion?

Thank you
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Trane XR90, LED flashes 2 times for error

I realize this is an old thread but I thought I'd post my experience with my own 11 year old Trane furnace that had the same symptom as others have posted - unheated air was blowing from vents and wouldn't turn off. No flame in the flame box, 2 blinks on the LED, and when restarting the unit the igniter would come on 3 times, I'd see an orange glow, then it would go to error state.

After just trying a power cycle of the system from the circuit breaker and reading this thread and seeing increasingly complicated things to test, I first just went back to the troubleshooting tip in the manual to check the condensate hose. When I got the hose off it had black sludge in it. I was able to remove the 12" piece of hose with a right angle connection, cleaned it out with hot water. Put the hose back on after checking the other sides of the connections on the unit and not seeing any sludge there. I turned the system back on and the burners came on the first try. Been running for 30 minutes now. Was on the verge of making a service call, glad I took the time to try a couple simple things.

I should note that I did unplug and plug back in every connection on the main board while I had the system off. I didn't see any problems on those connections, so I still think the blockage in the condensate hose was the problem.

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Trane XR90, LED flashes 2 times for error

I had to register with this forum simply to give kudos to the above poster. I have a Trane XR90 natural gas furnace that would try to ignite over and over again, and when ignition finally occurred, the burners would go out after 10-20 seconds.

I, too, was on the verge of a service call because I know nothing about furnaces or electrical connections. But after I read the above post I decided to check the condensation lines running to the pump. I pulled the line running from the inducer to the pump, and water came gushing out. So much water, in fact, that I was afraid that something in the gas line switch was going to end up failing as the water ran over that switch (so far, so good). There was gunk in the line, and after clearing that out and hooking everything back up, the furnace is running like a champ now.

The diagnostic clue that this was the problem was that when the inducer fan started running when the furnace got a call for heat, there was a clear sound of water sloshing around at the inducer. If you hear that, even just a little bit, check the lines before mucking about with anything else.


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