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Trane XL13i Off but Hot

Greetings All,
I've had a constant battle of cooling my house. I did windows and attic work. Everything except rewrapping the house.
I had my Trane system serviced last summer and everything checked out okay, but I'm still not convinced.

So the current symptoms and questions.
The past days have been very cool here in Northern Virginia. I have had by system in Off mode, yet the duct is warm/hot to the touch.
I can only conclude that the unit inside is producing heat for some reason.
I can touch the duct at the top (out flow) air exchanger and it is very warm. This causing the registers to even be warm/hot to the touch. And if I turn on the Fan (system off) hot air starts to blow out.

I then assume that maybe this residual heat is causing my problems. Causing the duct work to heat up and heat up the house, even when not on, or when Cool is on but not blowing.

What gives with this? Is this normal?

Trane XL13i system from 10/2001
Indoor unit is 4TEE (4TEE3F31A1000AA)


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Okay, I guess the hotness is just a mystery. I found my temp gun and starting taking some temp reading around the house. So maybe I can get some advice on this.

The thermostat is set to 78 and the unit has been running all day, outside is 88-90. My attic is up to 113-116.

My return/intake temp is 75-77.
All registers, from 64-67

Are these numbers good for cooling?

Some of the rooms are at 75-76, but the wall around the tstat and tstat itself is 77-78. Could the thermostat be making some heat itself and causing it's thermometer to read high?

I have a hot area on my vaulted ceiling that is 90-93, so that is a concern. I know this area is uninsulated on the attic side, I'll be trying to put some insulation on this spot soon.

Also the metal louvers for the whole-house fan that is 95-100. This just happens to be close to the thermostat. I removed the insulation I had covering this in order to use the fan these past nice days, I need a way to cover/uncover this in the attic without having to go into the attic every day.

I just wish I could get the a/c to turn off during the day, it runs non-stop and if I turn it off the house instantly starts to heat up.



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