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strainstress79 04-13-2013 09:23 PM

Trane XE1200 Tripping inside breakers even after contactor replacemnt
My outside condenser unit was tripping my breaker inside the house. I got out my multimeter and tested the voltage coming from my breaker box to the outside power junction box with the 40 amp fuses. Low and behold I wasn't getting my 240VAC to the box. I went inside and replaced the fuse at the breaker. Voila! I checked again and was getting the 240VAC to the box. The contactor was energized the outside fan and compressor turned on and then..SNAP!...the breaker inside the house went off. The contactor was getting the 24V but needed help staying engaged. I turned the thermostat off, pressed the contactor closed, and reset the breaker. The fan and the compressor both turned on and no trip in the breaker. At that point I determined the contactor was the culprit. Bought a new one and replace it. Re assembled the unit with the new contactor and started the system up. Worked great for about 6 hours. Cycling on and off. However, now i have to keep the unit running because after the thermostat reaches temp the unit cycles off and when it cycles back on again....SNAP!....Can it be another bad contactor??? I think something else is going on....maybe a struggle compressor or fan motor? I should tell you that the air handler is working and the blower motor is running.

Houston204 04-14-2013 02:23 AM

The crank case heater that is wrapped around the compressor is a common cause for tripping breakers.

It uses purple wires with a stripe if you have one installed.
It resembles a large hose clamp.

I'd turn off power and inspect for shorted wiring in the outdoor unit.
The high voltage wires can be shorting to copper or the compressor terminal connections can also cause this. Damaged compressor terminals can throw high pressure oil into your face when you inspect them.
Kinda tough to inspect the compressor terminal connection box in that unit because you can end up standing on your head. I recommend a mirror.

Be Safe.

strainstress79 04-14-2013 10:50 AM

Trane XE1200 Tripping inside breakers even after contactor replacemnt
Okay so I checked all my terminals and they looked good. Not easy. Used a mirror. I also checked my run capacitor but couldn't check my start capacitor without removing the resistor and didn't want to go down that road just yet. The run capacitor was a dual cap and I tested the picoF to see if the run cap was bad. That was a mixed bag because I tested the common to the herm and on some the terminal prongs I was getting 40uF +- 5% but on some of the prongs only 6uF. The other terminal was giving me 7.5uF on all the prongs as advertised. Does that mean anything? Also, I cycled power to the unit and each time before the circuit blew I could head the compressor struggling. Now I'm thinking either the capacitor is bad or I need a hardstart kit as the compressor is probably from the 90'S. The manufacturing date on the outside unit says 1993!

yuri 04-14-2013 11:01 AM

at 20 yrs old the compressor could be going bad. a hard start kit just delays the inevitable or may buy you 1 more yr of use. it could also die on the hottest day of the yr when it has a full load to start against. I would outright replace the capacitors as they are not that expensive and if it solves the problem GREAT. Graingers or

not sure if that unit has a starting relay, probably does. it disconnects the start capacitor when the compressor gets up to speed. I don't get a lot of Trane units here but some of the other guys may help you troubleshoot it. if it does not re-engage the start cap when it gets up to speed and then stops then that may be the problem. it is a "potential" (voltage) relay which you need to google for a proper description on how it works. google - potential relay

strainstress79 04-14-2013 11:18 AM

Trane XE1200 Tripping inside breakers even after contactor replacemnt
Good stuff. I think you and I are on the same page. I'm going to replace the caps and test the relay and if bad buy another one. If that works great if not then I'm going to buy a new compressor. I was just trying to get off cheap.

yuri 04-14-2013 11:24 AM

I am going to get flak about "parts changing" but for DIYers that is not a bad idea. As a Pro I can check everything but would need to be there. You can't just buy a compressor and at 20 yrs old is probably not worth replacing. Would be $1500 or more to get a Pro to do and Trane stuff while good is expensive. I would look at a new higher efficiency unit. Change comp and 2 months later the evap or cond coil leaks and then what.:yes:

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