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herbert8101 09-24-2011 05:18 PM

Trane Gas Furnace - blower on but no flame at burners
Hi All,

My gas furnace is Trane TUE060A936K. This morning I wanted to turn on the heat at the gas furnace. I put the thermostat in heat mode and dialed up the temperature setpoint. I can hear the blower turned on but the burners are not on. The blowers stay on for 10 minutes and there is still no flame at the burners.

This is my first time troubleshooting the gas furnace. But as an electrical engineer, i like to do some basic troubleshooting on the gas furnace before calling the professional. After reading through the furnace manual, it seem like there are many reasons that burners won't turn on. Couple potential causes are:

1) automatic gas valve is broken. My question is how do i check if the gas valve is good or bad? Any way to troubleshoot it?

2) Bad igniter. The manual stated that this unit has a special hot surface direct ignition device. I identified the igniter and it seem ok. I know i am not suppose to touch it but i did. :) Surprisingly the igniter is cold. How do i check if the igniter is good or bad?

Does anyone can recommend what other things that I should look at?

Appreciate for any suggestions. Thanks!

JJboy 09-24-2011 07:04 PM

1. A call for heat
2. Inducer motor starts
3. Vacuum switch proves inducer motor
4 Igniter lights up/ simultaneously 24 v is sent to the gas valve and releases gas and furnace lights.
5. Flame rod proves flame to the board
6. Thermostat is satisfied/ blower runs as timed and cuts off.

Did igniter lights up?
Did you see a flame at the burner close to igniter?

herbert8101 09-24-2011 08:23 PM

Thanks, JJBoy. I found the electrical circuit wiring diagram for the gas furnace control. After troubleshooting it for a while, i found out the cause of the problem: open high limit switch. I think I have a blown fuse link after doing the continuity check on that particular fuse link.

Does anyone know where can i purchase Trane gas furnace fuse link? I couldn't find the part number of that particular fuse link in the installation manual.


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