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Windwalker 12-19-2010 11:49 AM

Thinking of relocating Basement return, good idea?
I have a finished-off side(~330 SQ) in my basement/mancave(total basement size is ~1250 SQ, the heater is in unfinished side)
there is currently a 14x21 return in that room. The return is currently located at floor level.
With the return in it's current location I do not have full use of the wall(for a large pair of speakers)

was thinking of relocating the return higher up on the wall

like this

I should add that even though this area is finished off and there are heat\AC supply vents(4@ 6")-they are ALL closed and stayed closed year round. Stays pretty comfortable
Almost makes me wonder if a return is even down there(or at least a smaller one-but then I'd have to rebuild the return box. And, if it ain't broke...)

There is one return upstairs-20x20(1250 SQ heated) Furnance is natural gas

Aany strong reasons NOT to relocate the return?


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