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jetmanaz 08-09-2009 06:24 PM

Thermostat wiring
First off thanks to anyone for the advice that is given.

I have a newer Trane xl13c unit and just replaced my faulty thermostat ( temperature would get way off and my ac would just run and run, this would happen randomly) IE: says its 85 but the house was a icebox.
The old thermostat was a robert shaw/maple chase model 9500. It was wired as follows. Red-RC, White-W,Yellow-Y Blue-O, Green-G it also had a copper jumper between the White and Yellow.
My new thermostat is a Hunter 44260. I have it wired as follows. Green-G, Red-RC, Blue-Y/O, White-W/B and Yellow-Y1 There is a factory jumper between RC an RH.
My AC is working and everything appears normal.
My question is do I need the jumper between the white and Yellow like the old thermostat? And is the jumper on the new one between RC and RH the correct way?
With my old thermostat when it was working normal the condesation would drip a lot ( pipe is ran from roof to side of house) since I have replaced the thermostat the condesation drip is very minimal.
I have not tried the heat yet (109 outside) The heat did work with the setup on the old thermostat.

Thanks again

Plumber101 08-09-2009 07:13 PM

First off INHO Hunter thermostats are junk and should only be used for fishing weights.

Now the Robert shaw 9500 is a single heat and single cool stat.

It appears that you replaced it with a Heat pump stat since it has an "O" terminal but it should work fine

Keep in mind that the G term if for Fan, R term is for transformer voltage, W term is for heat and the Y term is for cooling

Y and W should not be jumpered

RH and RC should be jumpered

Wait for a cooler day and try to run the furnace.

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