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roclob 10-13-2011 08:15 PM

Thermostat Swap
I have moved to a new house and after being here for a few months I really prefer the thermostat at my old house. I want to swap them out (I am still trying to sell my old house). So I found some install manuals, figured out what kind of units I have, and went to work trying to figure out how to wire them. Well now I’m confused. My new house has a heat pump with emergency heat strips (the first time I’ve owned a house with one) but the thermostat is wired on the conventional terminals. It is wired as a 2H/2C system so I guess maybe it’s kind of the same thing as the second stage of the heat would be the heat strips????

Then I started looking at the install manual for the thermostat at my old house and it’s pretty confusing as I don’t see a wiring diagram that matches how it is currently wired. So instead of me fumbling around for a day trying to get everything right I thought I would come here and ask for some wiring help. I will list each system, thermostat, and how it is wired. If someone would let me know how to wire the new house thermostat (Honeywell) at the old house and vice versa I would really appreciate it.

New House:
American Standard
Inside Unit 2TEH3F60B1000AA
Outside Unit 2TWB3060A1000AA
Emergency Heat BAYHTR1310
Thermostat Honeywell TH6220D
Black – E
White – AUX
Green – G
Orange – O/B
Blue – C
Yellow – Y
Red – R
Jumper between R and Rc

Old House:
All outside Gas Pack 4YCZ6048A1096BA
Thermostat Trane TCONT802AS32DA
Orange – W2
Blue – B
Green – G
Yellow – Y
White – W1
Red – R
Jumper between R and Rc

Thanks for your help.

Edited to adjust thermo wiring as it is setup for heat pump.

gregzoll 10-13-2011 09:20 PM

Here is the manuals for that thermostat Operation: Installation: Don't worry about the color of the wires, worry about what they are hooked up to on the furnace/air handler of the new unit. And yeah, looks like it is set up as a Conventional system, not heat pump.

I personally would leave well enough alone. If you feel that the system is not hooked up properly, look on the equipment for a service company sticker, or info in the documents the previous home owner left and contact them. They would be the best source in how & why the new home is set up like it is. No need to change things if they work. Would not hurt to call the service company and look over the system, especially with Winter fast approaching.

REP 10-14-2011 01:47 AM

Old unit is gas/a/c package.New house is heat pump.Two differant type units.Keep what you have or buy a new Heat Pump stat.

roclob 10-22-2011 05:21 PM

I decided to look into swapping the thermos anyway. While checking the wiring on the new house unit I noticed that the top of the air handler unit was HOT hot. So I took the front panel off and the heat strips were on. The thermo was set to cool and it didn’t show the Auxiliary Heat indicator on the thermo face. So for the time being I turned the breaker off for the heat side of the unit. Turned it back on later and the heat strips came back on. So I just left the breaker off.
I called in the HVAC company that I use and they came by the next day. We turned on the breaker and the heat strips didn’t come on. He checked the thermo wiring and the wiring inside the unit, all was fine. He also cycled the unit through all of the heat and cool modes and everything worked fine. The heat strips turned on and off as they were supposed to. Back to work I went.
When I got home the heat strips were on again, thermo was set to cool. So I turned the thermo to off, heat strips still on. I then pulled the thermo face off the wall, heat strips still on. Turned the breaker off then on again, heat strips came back on. I cycled the unit through a heat setting with the temp set 5 degrees above the current temp. The Aux Heat indicator showed up on the thermo face, I let it rise to the set temp and the unit turned off, heat strips stayed on.
So what is going on????
Could there be a short in the wire from the thermo to the air handler?
Could the thermo be bad?
Is there some kind of switch or sensor on the heat strips that could be bad?
Could the system be wired wrong? Below is how the wires (thermo, outside unit, drip pan shut off switch, inside unit) are connected at the air handler:
Red wire – Thermo & Outside Unit & Shutoff Switch
Orange – Thermo & Outside Unit
Yellow - Thermo & Outside Unit
Green – Thermo & Inside Unit
White – Thermo & Outside Unit & Inside Unit 3 wires
Black – Nothing, however this is hooked up at the thermo to the E port which is Emergency Heat Relay per the thermo install instructions
Blue – Thermo & Outside Unit & Inside Unit The Shutoff Switch Blue is wired to the Inside Unit Red
Brown – Nothing

Any help on the direction to go would be much appreciated.

roclob 10-22-2011 06:19 PM

Oh and is there a way to disconnect the heat strips? With the heat breaker off that also powers the air handler fan so i can't use the system at all. Weather is cooperating right now here in upstate SC, but eventually I'll need the heat pump and I don't want the heat strips to run all the time.


Doc Holliday 10-22-2011 06:25 PM

I had a bad (stuck) heat sequencer on an old Goodman electric air handler yesterday, it was bringing the heat on in cool. Replaced that and all is well, I think. :)

I do believe the main power goes through the heat strips and then to the contactor. You can simpy wire straight to the contactor effectively removing heat strips from circuit.

You might also want to disconnect the auxilary/emergency heat wire at your stat as well. No point in having low voltage trying to bring the heat strips on if its not there to begin with. You may want to cap those wires completely off.

Master of Cold 10-22-2011 06:51 PM

Did you change the installer set-up on the thermostat?

gregzoll 10-22-2011 07:40 PM


Originally Posted by Master of Cold (Post 754342)
Did you change the installer set-up on the thermostat?

Ouch. Who would have funked.

roclob 10-22-2011 07:54 PM

No, it was setup for heat pump originally, I just misread the wiring.

If I turned the breaker back on would it hurt the heat strips to be on without the fan moving air? The unit is downstairs and the heat rises up through the floor vents upstairs.


Master of Cold 10-22-2011 08:15 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Which wire do you have on the third terminal down?

gregzoll 10-22-2011 08:24 PM


Originally Posted by roclob (Post 754369)
No, it was setup for heat pump originally, I just misread the wiring.

If I turned the breaker back on would it hurt the heat strips to be on without the fan moving air? The unit is downstairs and the heat rises up through the floor vents upstairs.


Mmmn, Yeah. For one your meter will spin and at some point it will burst into flames. The other is, the strips will overheat and burn out.

roclob 10-22-2011 09:15 PM

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That looks like a pic of the trane thermo at the old house. Here is a pic of the new house honeywell thermo. It is the orange wire on the O/B terminal, which is wired to the orange wire that leads to the outside condenser heat pump unit

roclob 10-22-2011 09:17 PM

Yeah, now I wonder how long this has been going on. I had a wicked high power bill back in August and my wife says she remembers warm air coming from the upstairs vents occasionally back then as well.


gregzoll 10-22-2011 09:52 PM

Either as long as someone made changes, or as long as it was, when the original installer hooked it up. If your guy did not pick up on it, time to find a new party to do your hvac work. Now you know, when purchasing a new home, have a good once over on the hvac system.

You can figure out how to make sure that it is hooked up correctly, just take your time. Easy way, is to get a pad of paper and pencil, draw out the wiring block, with what terminals they are, and the color of wire. Then go to the next unit and do the same, and so on. Then sit down at the kitchen table, and take that info and draw lines between the wiring blocks. If problems, then pull the manufacturer books and look at it.

It is all pretty much straight forward. What I would do, is take photos of the wiring to each block terminal and post back here. It does wonders when everyone is able to see what you are seeing, by posting photos. Now, if you work backwards from the thermostat, it actually makes things even easier.

roclob 10-22-2011 10:49 PM

2 Attachment(s)
I think I am past the whole thermo swap thing. I just want the new place HVAC to work right. I'm going from top of the line trane to middle of the road american standard with this move. Big upgrade in location though, on the lake now.

Here is old house system wiring pics, nice and easy to follow.

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