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paperstreet 11-26-2008 11:02 AM

thermostat questions

My house is a 1.5 story with most of the upstairs being finished which made ducting and such a problem when we built. We have two units. one only runs the down stairs the other does mainly the upstairs but does two rooms down stairs and the return air draws from the bottom floor. the thermostat is in the kitchen close to the return air inlet. although the thermostats for each unit sit on the lower level about 35' apart across an open living area and kitchen the termostat that sits in the kitchen and runs the upstairs run soooo much more than the one across the room when set to the same temperature. I does not matter if we are heating or cooling it runs more. It does sit close to the oven and the doors to our patio and garage. Would there be a problem moving the thermostat for that unit upstairs. When we built the contactor really wanted it by the return air. Is it that important?


I am looking for a programable thermostat I can program to run the heat (or might settle for just the fan) regarless of the temperature. I run my fireplace in the winter and some bedrooms get COLD. the thermosat is in the room with the fireplace. It would be nice if I could have the heat come on once an hour while we sleep and run for a few minutes even if the living room is 80 degrees. Is there a thermostat that can do this? I have emailed some of the thermostat makers and no one has responded. I have a heat pump.

beenthere 11-27-2008 05:23 AM

Your set up sounds, well, BAD.

The thermostat is NOT suppose to be in the kitchen even if it is for the first floor, let alone its for the second floor.

Hopefully, thayt return isn't within 10' of the echaust hood(code violation).

More teh stat to the second floor, it will then be able to sense the temp of the area it is serving better.

You can get thermostats, that will automatically cycle the fan on, if the unit hasn't run for a while.
Honeywell makes them.

ductboy56 11-27-2008 08:25 AM

he is right the tstatshould not be in the kitchen maybe the foyer or livingroom and a good tstat honeywell or carrier infinity control

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