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MsApril 02-09-2008 04:50 PM

Thermostat question
Recently my husband replaced our thermostat because the old one didn't seem to be working very well. It would kick on and the house would get entirely too hot before it would kick off. It would heat up to at least 5 degrees hotter than the thermostat setting and then it wouldn't kick on until the house was at least 5 degrees below the thermostat setting, the house was very uncomfortable, either too hot or too cold. My husband is concerned now, he feels that the furnace is kicking on too often and when it does kick on it isn't running very long at all. He is concerned that with it kicking on more it may be harder on the furnace itself, and that it may drive our electric bill up.

I was wondering when should your thermostat kick on. Say I have it set on 70 degress should it kick on when it drops to 68 or 69 degrees...or 65...I just have no idea. And after it kicks on, how far above 70 should it kick back off?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!


biggles 02-09-2008 06:00 PM

if the stat is a solid state digital style 1 degree above or below the stat room temperature it should react to on or off...there should be a icon that shows or drops off on the systems actions.put up the model of the stat and the stats have sub menus that you can configure the stat to gas/oil/electric heating and that setpoint that is floating all over the place on yours.if your setpoint is 70F OFF would be 70F ON....would be 69F that tight. if you saw 70F on the stat temperature,and set it to 71F the furnace should come on.

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