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01fordeb 06-25-2011 03:31 PM

Thermostat location
I had the mercury type thermostat and changed it out for a touch screen. It works fine, but my question is, why do they seem to put these in a hallway which has no vents. I have the unit set to only run after 2 degree out of range of a set temp of 72. We have our attic steps right above this unit, I have insulated the steps to prevent draft and heat from affecting the unit. So what can I do or try to prevent the unit thinking it's hotter in the hallway than the rest of the house. Is it a good idea to move it or is this the best location to have one, and also, the house stays cools at 72-73 but the hallway is like 74-76 and makes the unit want to run causing my power bill to be higher than it should. It even did this with the old mercury type also. Thanks

vln 06-25-2011 04:12 PM

They don't want them right near vents, then the cold air would cause the thermostat to shut off really early.

You could try running longer wires to a different area, but most expensive thermostats have an option that you can vary the temperature reading by however much you need to adjust it.

Say it is 72 all around the house but 74 in the hallway, you could adjust the display down two degrees so it matches.

biggles 06-26-2011 06:12 AM

most stats in residential are mounted nose high right above the return vent for the controlled unit...when you set the temperature its the return air that cycles the stat and the room that calls it in with the fan in auto shuts off with the cooling at setpoint.might try moving the stat towards the general area you want to cool but keep that hallway return in mind stat nneds to sense the return air

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