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JonMio 02-10-2012 02:44 PM

Thermostat issue, need help
OK, here is the issue I have. I have two zones for my heat/ac. I have an oil boiler, an a/c unit outside and what i believe to be hydro heat as well (there are copper pipes that run through the forced air portion of the blower).

One zone (main floor) has a nice programmable LUX thermostat. The upstairs zone has an old school dial thermostat that is obviously not programmable, causing over-usage or heat and/or A/C.

I opened up the thermostat upstairs and it has two main wires coming out of the wall. Attached to the thermostat were 3 wires, R, Y, W. The W and Y come from 1 larger wire and the R comes from the 2nd larger wire with two open wires taped off.

I am not sure how to connect the new LUX programmable thermostat. The 3 wires that were being utilized previously are labeled. The other 2 are not labeled. They are white and black in color. The R was red in color.

SO, I would like some assistance if anyone can help in trying to install this 2nd thermostat. I would like it if the upstairs zone was a completely separate zone. Right now i believe when you turn off the thermostat downstairs, it turns off the ability to use the "dial" thermostat upstairs.



beenthere 02-10-2012 04:22 PM

You may have a power open power close zone valve. Post pics of the zone valves.

diyorpay 02-11-2012 07:35 AM

If color codes are accurate:
R/red is 24V
Y/yellow is for call for cooling/air conditioning
W/white is call for heat

Power is probably coming from one place (24v transformer?) and call for heat or cooling from another location (either boiler or other thermostat).

Carefully examine but do not change wiring to first floor thermostat. See if more than one wire on some terminals.

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